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Sky wing Slick 360 70cc Twin.

This is a MUST HAVE for any gas/petrol powered plane. This device will allow you to safely and remotely shut-down your electronic ignition equipped engine from your transmitter. A spare receiver channel is needed to use this switch. A remote mountable led is included to indicate ignition arming status.

Engine Demensions;

Click on image to enlarge;

Thread size:

10cc 1/4 - 28.

15cc, 20cc, 21 Twin, 26cc and 30cc T 8x1mm.

For 40cc T 50cc T 70cc Twin M5X0.8.

RCGF 70cc Twin Stinger.​

10cc RE Stinger.

15cc S​E ​Stinger

15cc RE Stinger 

20cc SE

20cc RE

26cc SE

 20cc Twin Stinger.

30cc Twin

35cc RE

35cc SE

40cc Stinger

50cc Twin - New

70cc Twin

63cc Stinger Pro 

New, 63cc Stinger Pro with ceramic coated cylinder...

New 125cc Twin